William "Constant" Battlehorn

Humble Cowboy and Messenger of The Horae


6’ 5"
225 lbs.
Lanky and rugged

Male Human Messenger of The Horae 2
N Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init + 5, Senses Perception + 9
AC 17, touch 11, flat-footed 16 (+ 6 Armor, + 1 Dex)
Hp 10 (2d8 + 2)
Fort + 4, Ref + 2, Will + 6
Defensive Abilities None
Resistances None; Immunities None
Weaknesses None
Speed 20’
Ranged Light crossbow + 2 (1d8; 19-20 x2; 80’)
Melee Quarterstaff + 3 (1d6 + 3; x2) or Gauntlet + 3 (1d3 + 2; x2)
Space: 5’; Reach: 5’
Special Attacks Channel Positive Energy- (1d6, DC 12), Enlarge (6/day), Smite Evil (+ 1/+ 2, 5 rounds), Summon Weapon (Masterwork)

Messenger Spells Prepared (currently prepared for a normal non-crawl day)
Cater Level 2nd; Concentration + 5; SR Check + 2
1st - Blessed Fist, Clarion Call, Enlarge Person
0 - Enhanced Diplomacy, Light, Mending
Domains: Fur & Growth
Str 15, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 13
Base Attack + 1; CMB + 3; CMD 14
Feats Improved Initiative, Selective Channeling (1)
Skills (ACP -0): Craft (Carpentry) + 5, First Aid + 8, Grandstanding + 6, Knowledge (Nature) + 5, Knowledge (Religion) + 2, Perception + 9, Profession (Rancher) + 8
Languages Common
Traits Adopted (Dwarves Grounded), Seeker
SQ Armor (All) & Shields (Not Tower), Holy Acts (6/day), Holy Blood, Predator’s Grace (6/day), Safeguard Ally (+ 1, 6 rounds), Skilled, Spontaneous Casting (Cure), Tasked, Weapons (Simple)
Favored Class: Messenger (2 skill points)
Combat Gear: X5 Smoke Bomb x2; Potion of Cure Light Wounds; Scroll of Divine Favor, Scroll of Magic Weapon, Scroll of Obscuring Mist
Armor: Banded mail
Weapons: Light crossbow, crossbow bolt x24; multipurpose knife (matches), quarterstaff
Other Gear: bandoleer (smoke bombs), bandoleer (), belt pouch (potion), scroll case (scrolls), spell component pouch, waterproof backpack (modern first aid kit 10, modern rope 50’), web belt
Wealth: 2 gp, 3 pp; wooden holy symbol of The Horae (3 gp)
Holy Blood (Su): If a Messenger ever finds himself without a holy symbol, he may cut himself while speaking a special invocation to his deity as a standard action. This cut must do a minimum of one point of damage. The blood from this cut glows with divine light, and the wound becomes the equivalent of a holy symbol (for purposes of spell casting and special abilities) for 1 minute.

Safeguard Ally (Su): A Messenger can give an ally a sacred bonus to armor class equal to one half of his Messenger level, rounded down. This protiective shield lasts for 3 + the Messenger’s Wisdom bonus in rounds. The Messenger must touch an ally with his holy symbol to invoke Safeguard Ally as a standard action.

Smite Evil (Su): The Messenger can Smite a creature with divine wrath. The Messenger chooses his enemy as a swift action. The Messenger gains a divine bonus on attack rolls against the designated creature equal to his Charisma bonus and a divine bonus on damage rolls equal to his Messenger level. Smite attacks ignore any DR the creature might have. The Smite lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Messenger’s level + 3. A Messenger’s Smite must be with his deity’s favored weapon. The Messenger can only have one Smite target in effect at any given time.

Summon Weapon (Su): The Messenger can summon a masterwork version of his deity’s favored weapon as a standard action. The weapon is always beautiful, classically styled, thousands of years old, and in perfect condition, but non-magical. The weapon appears in the Messenger’s hand and lasts for 24 hours before returning to its place in the armory of the deity’s home plane. He may create and sustain multiple weapons if he needs. The Messenger may use the weapon himself or give it to an ally.

Tasked (Ex): Outside of a dungeon crawl (or a task directly related to crawling), a Messenger may not use Holy Act, Divine Intervention, or any Domain powers without first spending an hour in prayer appealing for a Special Dispensation to do so.



VOICE OVER ((See if Morgan Freeman is available. If not, contract with Lord Jones.))
“From the shadow of the Colorado Rockies comes a man…”
CUE MUSIC ((Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi)

Use that exterior video of Bill cresting that green, grassy hill with a wounded sheep over his shoulders. I’m pretty sure he’s in his Spring persona in that one. I definitely want the first shot of Bill to be in his youthful, Spring persona, plus that clean-shaven, innocent look really polls well with the coasts.

DISSOLVE TO: Childhood montage. Make sure to include this, this, and this.

“Abandoned by his own people and adopted by the Dwarves of Clan Battlehorn, William grew up in a culture both foreign and mysterious to most of us. Yet despite the odd tradiitons common to the Dwarves, Bill was instilled with values sorely missing from many normal human families. Values like family loyalty…”

DISSOLVE TO: Stills of Bill engaged in activities that characterize the values in the voice over.

“discipline…” ((maybe one of the shots of Bill in his militia training)) “hard work…” ((use that short clip of him building that fence)) “and duty.” (I don’t know exactly what shot to use here. Maybe the one of him herding those gods-awful big-horned sheep. Figure it out. Just make sure it’s a shot of him in his Spring persona).

DISSOLVE TO: Shots of Bill as an adult (Summer persona – lighter hair, with the unshaven look – this polls amazingly well in the midwest and south) with his clan. Anything that shows him being treated as less than an adult would be ideal.

“While an adult by our own standards, Bill was still considered a child by his dwarven parents and clan when The Horae came upon him.” (beat)

DISSOLVE TO: Let’s do a re-enactment video of Bill being recruited by The Horae. Get me a blonde, brunette, and a red head (the hotter the better), I don’t care if it’s historically accurate.

Bill is tending the sheep. The three women approach him (one springs up out of the ground, once walks out of some fog, the other drifts down from the sky). Something like this. Someone come up with some dialogue similar in tone, like he’s trying to talk his way out of a weird situation. I want it to end with the three woman around Bill, each of them touching him with one hand as they circle him.

Superimpose The Horae’s holy symbol (a circle with three feminine arms as spokes reaching into the center of the circle). Start the symbols slowly turning with a video montage of changing seasons in the Rockies in the background.

“As all the other deity’s have done with their Messengers, The Horae bid Bill leave his family, travel to New York, and join the NAE Xcrawl League.” (beat) “And that’s when things started to get interesting.” (beat)

QUE MUSIC:: Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses

SMASH CUT TO: Scenes (stills/video) of Bill in the city. Use the shots of his Autumn persona. That red hair and full beard make him look really wholesome which is a great contrast to the city scenes. I want the full fish-out-of-water feel. Anything that is comic and/or shows him trying to adapt or deal with his new surroundings. That one sequence we have of him walking downtown at lunch trying to politely navigate his way through the sea of suits would be perfect.


“Now, maybe it was The Horae’s guidance.” (beat) “Maybe it was fated to be.” (beat) “Or it may have been just blind luck, but Bill caught the eye of Xcrawl agent, Ari Gold.”

CUT TO: video of interview with Ari Gold.

“When you’ve been in this game as long as I have – and let’s be honest – as successfully, you hear things. When I learned that the league was considering a lethal Division IV event, I knew I had to get involved. I mean, normally, I don’t bother with Division IV. I mean, sure I scout the talent looking for replacements for Division III, but I’ve never bothered to manage a Division IV team before. But this lethal IV idea? I mean, comon! Who doesn’t wanna watch a group of (basically) amateurs face death in the face? But if I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do it right. I want some guys who can kick Division IV in the teeth and claw their way into Division III. So, rather than wait, I formed a Division IV team and got them competing so they’d have some experience before the lethal bout went public. Constant (Bill), he was my first choice. I mean, every team’s gotta have a Messenger, right? And here I come upon the first messenger of The Horae since the games began? Friggin’ fantastic! Plus, the kid’s rock solid. I’ve seen pros who weren’t as cool under pressure as Bill. Yeah, Constant’s the rock I built the rest of the team around. His future’s so bright anyone near him needs shades.”


DISSOLVE TO: Interview with Bill in his Winter persona that white hair and those piercing blue eyes are going to bring the intensity I want for the wrap up. Run the whole interview, but let’s cut in the bit about his stage name at the end.

“Yep, The Horae have changed by life. Growin’ up with the dwarves, ya kinda figure the world around ya is stable…constant – like nothing ever changes. Once The Horae took me and started changing my looks to match the seasons, I learned that the only true constant is change.”

QUE MUSIC: Sun And Steel

DISSOLVE TO: Video montage of his greatest moments in Division IV. I want them chronological (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) so we can see the changes in his appearance. Use your judgment on which clips to use. The four I want for sure are:

Spring – The shot from Keep on the Borderlands where he took that hit from the Kobold to save Titan and then healed him at the same time.

Summer – The shot from The Lost City where he took that damned wheat stem out of his mouth and turned it into his staff. Cheesy as hell, but the crowd went nuts when he did it.

Autumn – The scene from Castle Amber where he used a Holy Act and Shield of Faith to basically make “Two-Ton” invulnerable so he could hold the passage against all those guards.

Winter – That moment in Against the Cult of the Reptile God where he smites the Lizardman priest as he’s walking and casually crushes its skull with his staff.

CUT TO: Black screen that gets four vertical swipes (divide the screen in four, each swipe coming in one at a time from left to right) of stills from the four above scenes tinted to match the seasons (Spring = Green, Summer = Gold, Autumn = Red, Winter = Blue). Superimpose his name (Constant) across the four swipes in white with a drop shadow. You pick the font (no comic sans, goddamn it!).

FADE OUT the background images until only his name remains.


William "Constant" Battlehorn

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