Character Creation

Ability Scores

Ability scores will be determined using a 20 point buy.


Usable races are among the standard races (dwarf, elf, gnome, half-elf, half-orc, halfling, human). Pages 7-16 in the Maximum XCrawl book has details on each race; most are flavor but there is one rules change (racial skill ranks).


The only usable classes will be the ones from the Maximum XCrawl book on pages 7-49 (athlete, blaster, brawler, jammer, messenger, specialist).
Premade characters will be made available for the first adventure, or you can create your own.
The only party requirements/strong suggestions will be the inclusion of both a messenger and a specialist.
All characters will begin at level 2.


Skills are standard with the inclusion of a few new ones (drive, grandstanding, tactics), and a few changes to existing ones (knowledge, perform, profession). Details on pages 50-54.


Pretty much any feat from the Pathfinder books are available; there are some additions in the Maximum XCrawl book (pages 55-57).
The biggest change is the addition of the Fame system and the Fame Feats. Please be sure to review those on pages 57-66; I would really like to add in the element of fame and celebrity status, etc.

Starting Wealth & Equipment

Starting wealth is detailed on page 67; 500 gp + 50 gp/cha bonus modifier.
I would like to keep to the equipment in the Maximum XCrawl book, on pages 68-86. If you want anything else, I’m open to it, just run it by me.
Keep in mind the equipment restrictions set by the Imperial Rules.

• Players can carry up to five X4 smoke bombs, 5 alchemist charges, 5 Bang Bombs and/or 5 Skyfire arrows or bolts each. Players may carry unlimited standard equipment, mundane archaic weapons, ammunition and standard hand-to-hand weapons.
• The following equipment is absolutely prohibited: poison, firearms, propulsion weapons such as air rifles or rockets, gas powered or electric weapons such as chainsaws and electric drill weapons, combustibles excluding alchemist’s fire, acid or other corrosives, biohazard weapons such as poison smoke bombs or contaminants, unholy or blasphemous weapons or relics, magical extra-dimensional holding items (such as bags of holding), electronics equipment other than standard watches and flashlights.

For Dungeonbattle Brooklyn, each participant is allowed to use the normal equipment allotted to any participant in a Full-Lethal event—real armor and weapons, bows and crossbows, alchemists’ fire, and the like. Spellcasters are permitted to bring up to three 1st-level-spell scrolls. Players may each carry three potions which produce nonlethal magical effects.

Description and Actor

Review page 87; I would like everyone to pick an actor their character is based on.
In addition to a background, if you come up with a description of a clip (a video montage of your best previous XCrawl exploits and moments), your character will receive a bonus of 100gp from the signing agents.


Religion is a very important part of the NAE; all citizens are required to pick a patron deity whom they follow and emulate; pages 88-94 cover the NAE pantheons.

Character Creation

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