XCrawl Imperial Rules


Xcrawl underwent a long transformation since its earliest days. In the first Games the rules were more or less up to the DJ, and the experience from dungeon to dungeon could vary widely for both participant and audiences. Some DJs were much more strict than others, running incredibly lethal dungeons that forced all the crawlers to flee through a NoGo door at some point. Others ran extremely regulated crawls that grew dull for the hardcore fans.
There were other rules disputes as well. What weapons were allowed, and which were banned? DJ’s varied widely on what weapons and equipment were allowed and several points of consternation – including napalm, chemical defense spray, shock weapons and caltrops. Even permissible equipment was up for debate. How many scrolls were too many? Was a plastic riot shield permissible, or did the players have to use standard archaic shields? What about modern armor? The debates went on and on.
Then on July 15, 2003, Emperor Ronald I, who was determined not to let his brainchild die due to lack of regulation and falling audiences, issued a Formalized Rules edict that gave answered all of these questions. The Formalized Rules is a massive document, paired down to its bare bones here.


• Crawlers must be members of the Adventurer’s Guild in good standing (not on prohibition for Guild rules violations, paid up on dues).

• Division III: Up to 5 potions, one magical suit of armor or protective device such as bracers of armor, one shield, three wondrous items and two magical rings per crawler. Spell casters may carry up to one wand, one magical rod or staff and up to ten Spell Levels worth of scrolls for their own use.

• Division II: Up to seven potions, one magical suit of armor or protective device as above, one shield, four wondrous items and two magical rings per crawler. Spellcasters may carry up to one wand, one magical staff or rod and up to twenty Spell Levels worth of scrolls for their own use.

• Division I: Up to nine potions, one magical suit of armor or protective device as above, two shields, six wondrous items and two magical rings per crawler. Spell casters may carry up to two wands, one magical rod or staff and up to thirty Spell Levels worth of scrolls for their own use.

• Unlimited Class: Up to 12 potions, one magical suit of armor or protective device as above, two shields, six wondrous items and three magical rings per crawler. Spellcasters may carry up to three wands, two magical rods or staves and up to 40 Spell Levels worth of scrolls for their own use.

• Players can carry up to five X4 smoke bombs, 5 alchemist charges, 5 Bang Bombs and/or 5 Skyfire arrows or bolts each. Players may carry unlimited standard equipment, mundane archaic weapons, ammunition and standard hand-to-hand weapons.

• The following equipment is absolutely prohibited: poison, firearms, propulsion weapons such as air rifles or rockets, gas powered or electric weapons such as chainsaws and electric drill weapons, combustibles excluding alchemist’s fire, acid or other corrosives, biohazard weapons such as poison smoke bombs or contaminants, unholy or blasphemous weapons or relics, magical extra-dimensional holding items (such as bags of holding), electronics equipment other than standard watches and flashlights.


• Crawlers may not enter into a dungeon with pre- cast magical protections, enhancements, enchantments or camouflage/ invisibility. They can have protective magic items, of course, but they must wait until the dungeon officially begins to start casting defensive or buff spells on one another.

• The exception is that each crawler may have exactly one permanent effect cast upon their person.


• Each team may bring one retainer into the dungeon. The retainer may carry supplies including weapons and incidental equipment that the referee permits, offer advice and encouragement, offer non-magical first aid, feed helpless crawlers potions and otherwise aid the players in a strictly non-combat role and support role.

• Retainers are in play; the team is responsible for their safety from monsters, traps, hazards and obstacles. They need not stay with the players at all times (i.e. can be left in a hallway or sequestered in a break room) but the team is always responsible for their safety.

• Retainers shall be requisitioned a NonCom badge, but can optionally remove it at their own risk.

• A retainer may defend himself if attacked but if he enters combat aggressively then he is disqualified and removed from the event. Retainers who are killed or teleported out with a NonCom badge are removed from play, along with any equipment they carried.


• DJ’s is an official status that can only be granted by the Adventurer’s Guild.

• DJ’s shall not disguise hazards, be they mechanical, living, or undead as referees, staff members, paramedics, attendants, cameraman, retainers, coaching staff, family and loved ones, event attendees, or rewards of any sort.

• The DJ constructs the dungeon and is charged with filling it with obstacles, monsters, traps, locked entryways and distractions as he sees fit.

• The Adventurer’s guild retains oversight on all dungeon design and may choose to overrule a DJ’s design in order to provide the Empire with the best possible contest.


• The job of the Referees is to insure that the players and monsters conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the rules of Xcrawl.

• The ruling of a Referee is final for the duration of the contest. Referee rulings are subject to Adventurer’s Guild oversight and controversial calls may be reviewed and either overturned or confirmed by a special Guild hearing.

• Referees shall warn players of inappropriate behavior and actions; failure to comply can mean either full disqualification for the player or team, or other penalties as per the individual GM.

• A Referee shall always be available to clarify rules or goals of specific situations but may not offer aid or advice to the players in any manner.

• If during combat it becomes obvious that a monster shall be inevitably defeated by the crawlers, the Referee has the option of calling the monster defeated.

• Each Referee shall wear a NonCom badge at all times.


• Players and monsters shall engage in combat, ant it is understood by all parties that this combat may be lethal to any and all involved.

• The players agree to follow the instructions of the DJ and Referee at any and all times.

• A crawler’s surrender need never be accepted by the DJ’s creatures.

• Any of the DJ’s forces may surrender, and players are honor bound to accept such a surrender.

• Crawlers may use the weapons of fallen foes, but only for the remainder of that encounter. Crawlers may not strip fallen foes of weapons, armor or equipment to use in the rest of the dungeon. The exception is characters who need to replace a broken or lost weapon – such characters can ask Referee permission to remove weapons. Such weapons remain property of the Crawl after the event.

• Creatures may be charmed, mesmerized or otherwise compelled by magic to aid the Crawlers, but such creatures may only participate on behalf of the crawlers for the rest of that particular encounter – charmed creatures may not be brought to further rooms in the dungeon.


• The DJ is free to set whatever win conditions he chooses for his dungeon.

• If a team fails at completing the final dungeon level, the teams with the second best time/ score/ most complete win conditions shall have the opportunity to finish the dungeon level after it is reset. If that team fails then the DJ has the option to declare the contest incomplete, or to give the third place team a chance to complete the level. Under extreme circumstances the DJ has the option of allowing a “remainders team” made up of the remaining members of teams with debilitated rosters to go through for a final attempt.


• The death of any and all participants is always a possible outcome in Xcrawl. Players who die in The Games, and the families, friends, teammates and employers of deceased players forfeit their right to bring legal action against the DJ, the Xtreme Dungeon Crawl League, the Adventurer’s guild, the deceased crawlers teammates, Dungeon staff, monster handlers, monsters and/ or the Empire. Those seeking revenge against aforementioned parties shall receive the maximum penalty for their actions.

• Nothing prevents the teammates, family, friends, and loved ones of the deceased from seeking out healing and resurrection for the fallen. However, even in the event of a player’s resurrection he is still considered out of play and ineligible for the remainder of the event.

• A DJ with the approval of the Adventurer’s Guild may provide a magical means of resurrection such as a scroll, potion or other magical item. However, if the item is unused it must be returned to the DJ after the event – it may not be taken away to resurrect a non-participant under any circumstances.


• Players escaping the maze through a NoGo door is considered out of play, and is disqualified from participating in any more of the contest. The escaped character may not join the team for later levels of the same event.

XCrawl Imperial Rules

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