XCrawl Terminology

Adventurers’Guild—The organization that regulates Xcrawl. Characters must be members of the Adventurers’ Guild to participate in Xcrawl events, or to own a weapon larger than a dagger or a quarterstaff.

Chester—Derogatory slang for any monster an Xcrawl participant may encounter. Believed to be derived from the name of a dangerous, yet inept, Athach that trapped, and subsequently lost, its third arm while running through a fast-closing NoGo door.

Choke—A natural one on a Mojoenhanced roll.

Commoners—The citizens of the NAE. Commoners are taxable serfs serving the Empire. Commoners have very few rights and live an existence of hardship and toil. Commoners may
not legally possess weapons or travel internationally.

Crawler—The nickname given to any adventurer who plays in the Xcrawl games.

Destiny—A natural twenty on a Mojoenhanced roll.

District—A geographical section of the NAE.

Dungeon Judge—The designer and host of an Xcrawl event. Dungeon Judges dictate what traps, monsters, treasure and prizes will be included in their dungeon. Dungeon Judges are better known by the letters DJ and their name, such as DJ Devastator or DJ Cudgel UP!

Endorsement—A monetary agreement for a Crawler to represent a product or service to the public.

Face—A Crawler who acts the good guy. The type of character who gets cheers from the crowd.

Fame—A rating that represents a characters celebrity and wealth. Long time Xcrawl adventurers are the superstars of popular culture, and many become rich from endorsements and personal appearances.

GM—Game Master.This is the guy actually running the game, not to be confused with Dungeon Judge, which is a powerful NPC who runs an Xcrawl event.

Grandstanding—The act of playing to the crowd.The way that a Crawler gets noticed and turns the crowd for or against him.

Half-Twinked—Derogatory term for describing a half-elf.

Heel—A Crawler who acts the bad guy. The type of character who gets jeers from the crowd.

Mages’ Guild—The regulating body of arcane powers in the NAE. Anyone wielding arcane might must be members of the Mages’ Guild to legally use magic in the NAE. Alternately
known as The Guild of Magi.

Master Celebrity—A prestige character that understands the concept of marketing and sales.

Mojo—The intangible power of teamwork, which propels adventurers working together to success greater than they could reach as individuals.

Mojo Pool—A bonus pool that allows characters to aid their teammates with d20 rolls, including combat and skill checks.

NoGo—A door marking an area offlimits to Crawlers.

Nobility—The upper echelon of society in the NAE.The nobility is composed of titled landowners, businessmen and courtiers. Nobles are privileged, wealthy and connected.

NAE—The North American Empire, the world’s foremost superpower. A Roman-style dictatorship under the command of Emperor Ronald I.The NAE is the origin country of Xcrawl.

Rip—A clean kill, as in Rest In Peace.

Signature Move—A combat action that becomes identified with a particular character.

Specialists’ Guild—The organization that regulates the rogues’ activity in The Games.

Sponsorship—An agreement for a Crawler to exclusively use a particular product in The Games.
Stump—Derogatory term for a halfling.

Substitute—A back-up player on a team.

Team—A group of adventurers who band together to compete in Xcrawl events.

Trappers—Professional hunters who capture monsters for use in Xcrawl events.

Turn—The attitude the Crawler shows the crowd. He can be either face or heel, depending on his attitude and actions.

Twink—Derogatory term for an elf.

XCrawl Terminology

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