Ari Gold

Super Agent


Ari Gold majored in business management at the Imperial University of Louisville, but he drew dungeons in the margins of his notes during class. He loved Xcrawl from the very beginning, marveling at the spectacle of the newest sport in the Empire, and for a brief time entertained thoughts of training and joining up with a squad, but in his heart he knew his talents lay elsewhere. Eventually, his cousin formed the Division IV Tunnelbusters, and asked if Ari would manage their business affairs. Ari found the work exciting and fun, and a year later had parlayed the Tunnelbusters’ modest success in the games into a lucrative
endorsement empire. He had found his calling!

Ari’s success with Xcrawlers springs from many factors. He has a restless intelligence, and is always looking for new revenue streams and profi t opportunities. He has an amazing memory for names and faces, and a genius for networking. He is also a bit naïve when it comes to his personal safety – he simply cannot imagine any of his spectacularly lethal clients ever trying to actually kill him no matter how many death threats he receives (he stopped counting years ago)– and that earns him their respect.

Ari Gold is personable, clever, probing, devious, and overconfident of his ability to talk himself out of any conceivable dangerous situation. He has a flexible view of loyalty, and will drop poorly performing clients before you can say “third place,” but on the rare occasions that he makes a promise he does his best to keep it. He loves to earn money, loves to flaunt his success in front of other agents, loves to name drop, but mostly he loves to put people together who he thinks will match up in such a way as to earn him gold later on. Ari created several Xcrawl squads simply by inviting a bunch of crawlers out for a night on the town, then carefully steering the conversation towards combat synergy and marketing potential, all the while complimenting them and letting them know that with the right management they could put together an outfit that would go straight to the top . . .

Ari is a 48-year-old human. He has been divorced twice (his workaholic ways make maintaining a healthy relationship a challenge; his drinking and philandering don’t help), and has three children, none of whom he sees very often. He has a little coterie of wannabe agents that hover around him like greedy mayflies, and Ari keeps them busy with errands and dirty work while he teaches them the business. For all his success, his lifestyle is a bit seedy: he has a tiny, cramped office in downtown LA, crammed with Xcrawl memorabilia and piles of contracts, owns a swank condo on West 115th Street that he almost never sees, and mostly lives in hotels and Xcrawl green rooms.

Ari Gold

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