Premade Characters

human athlete – Darion Agnew

“Heh heh, hey guys, what’s up? Does anyone wanna play a little ball? Maybe wrestle or something? Anyone? Come on guys, I’ll go easy?”

Darion is your typical jock. Born and raised in Chicago, he coasted his way through school on his sports career, not his grades. Darion participated and excelled in at all sports, but he was a star linebacker with record tackles, and his speciality was wrestling.
Feeling a bit lost after graduating college without a professional sports carreer, he joined a no-holds-barred fighting league with the hopes of attracting scouts. Here he began to really work on his ground game, specializing in grappling. Sometime within the next couple years or so, Darion received an invitation to join a Division IV XCrawl team. He took the opportunity, despite the team’s bad reputition. Showing his true skill despite his not-right-out-of-college age, he quickly took lead of the team despite his lack of intelligence. It’s been a few dungeons now, and Darion is ready to find another team that he can continue to grow with… and one where he doesn’t have to be the in charge.

elf athlete – Zandarius the Reed

“What? You saying an elf can’t fight? Why don’t you come say that with your fists, huh? Yah, I didn’t think so… can’t touch this.”

Zandarius is a pretty boy elf with a chip on his shoulder. Raised in a society where most elves in XCrawl are Blasters and Specialists, of course Zandarius had to go the opposite route of most, choosing to become a boxer/brawler of the most specialized sort. Refusing to get physically dirty, the Reed focuses on his dodge-and-weave game, keeping out of harm’s reach while leveling his opponents with trip attacks. A master at jeers and jabs, Zandarius often takes the role of the Heel, insulting and upsetting his team’s opponents, or taking cheap shots, even when it is uncalled for and gets the “boos” of the crowd.

elf blaster – Glamdathariusalaminuaria “Glam-Bam” Bamarathalisimist

“Look, I blasted all the goblins in the room. So what if I also blew up the walls, barriers, treasure, ref, and half our team? Whatever. It looked cool and got the job done. What’s for lunch?”

Glam-Bam, as she is known as in the XCrawl circuits, is known for her explosions, blasts, area attacks… and complete indifference. Glam-Bam is never seen without a blase look or “whatever” expression on her face. Counting some of the highest same team injuries ever seen in Division IV, no one ever complains much once they see the effectiveness of her blasts… until they are inevitiably caught in them as well. Glam-Bam is always looking to get her hands on the newest and biggest blast-’em spell, and will use them in any near-suitable opportunity.

gnome blaster – Prastilam Grendliat

“Haha! Now you can’t see! Or maybe talk… I can’t quite keep them all sorted out… oh, and apparently my team can’t move either… O wait, I did that one on purpose! Tricked you guys!”

half-orc brawler – Beast

(screaming) “RRRRAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!” (sounds of crushing bones and limbs tearing)

dwarf brawler – Vangrad “The Tank” Olastiam

“Sho I’m a little drunk… whatever. Get behind me, I’ll take care of these bastards. Ain’t no one gonna hurt my friends… hic!”

gnome jammer – Ravin’ Madnezz


half-elf jammer – Alisarlu the Red

“Hey there honey, you’re looking good tonight. Look, here’s my number, but I can’t promise anything, my schedule is pretty full. Oh, ‘scuse me a sec here, my team is getting torn up by an ogre, I gotta cheer them on. But I’ll see you Friday night, baby.”

dwarf messenger – Agna “The Reluctant” Fringlax

“(grumble) This is bullshit. I don’t deserve this. I didn’t ask for this. I don’t want to be here. Sorry, what? Healing? You look fine! Bother me when you’re missing a limb, I’m busy “praying”… pfffftttt."

human messenger – Apollo’s Chosen One

“I’ll fire as soon as the camera’s get focused… Hold on… Hold on! Seriously! Hold on!! I just got my hair done, and I want everyone to see it’s glory on this shot! And oh, what a shot it’s going to be!”

halfling specialist – Gadget Pix

“Oh! A MKV7 Mark 2 floor depression trap! Wow! Ok, so I need you to not move… follow my explicit instructions or else you might die. First I need you to move your left foot slightly to the left… about an inch or so, but keeping the same pressure. But! If this happened to be a Mark 3, it would be like 3 inches to the right, and you’d have to let up on the pressure slightly! Crazy, huh? Now hold on, you’re pretty close to being injected with lethal poison…”

half-orc specialist – Silent Death

“They don’t see or hear me coming because I’m like death itself. They don’t see or hear me going because I am death itself.”

Premade Characters

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